Development on the (Traditional Egyptian Café) Style

January 24, 2009

In the Traditional Egyptian Cafés they are serving customers in a very unique way. The waiter is going to customer to collect the order without single piece of paper. After that he will call the person  making the drinks in a load voice: “And give me 1 cups of tea for Mr. X and make it well” as he knows every customer by name. In Arabic its it will be: “ We Ma’ak Wahed Shai Lee A’am X We Salaho”.

Lately I found out that some software makers are using the same technique. The person in charge will go and meet the customer to collect the requirement. As there is no written one from the customers the customer will tell the requirements verbally. Of course customer will forget or miss some points (X1). After that the person in charge will set with the developer(s) and tell them what the customer requirements are. Again the person in charge will miss or forget some points (X2). The developer again will miss some of the requirements while he is developing the program (X3). Finally, the requirements will be X – X1 – X2- X3= fight to figure out is it in scope or a change request. If you tried to tell them that they are better to write the requirements and singe it off from the customer.  There is no time for this, they will answer.

Let me explain also how much extra time they will spend if they didn’t write the requirements. First, the struggle about the requirements as discussed before. Then, imagine if the developer want to confirm something. As he/she don’t have reference to check in it, he will go back and ask the person in charge about the issue. Sometimes the person in charge also has to get back to the customer to confirm it. What if the tester wants to develop test cases?? The person in charge also has to set with the tester to transfer the requirements (and the same thing will happen). What if there is more than one developer involved in the thing. I will let you imagine how they will work and collaborate.

I can only tell these software makers one thing:



Comment it… It will run better

January 18, 2009

In the last period, I had to review some code having performance problems.

As a first step, I am running a profiler. Then, in most cases I got this result:


Extra checks, Unnecessary DB transactions or any kind of unnecessary code requires extra processing. It will not be noticeable in simple test case. It will be raised only if a large number of concurrent users hitting the same area or when huge transactions executed.

Here I think the non-functional requirements are very important but unfortunately most of the time it is not given enough attention. Also stress testing is totally recommended.

For developers, don’t comment it just don’t write it will be much better 🙂

From ITWorx to Elfaysaliah

May 7, 2008

I think its the time to change…

Elfaysaliah is a very huge capital in KSA owning and sharing in a large number of well-known brands in KSA and Middle-East. Their employees passed the 5,000 in 1995. It’s owning 13 company. I applied to join there but I thought I have no chance to be there with these experienced team from many domains. After about a month, I found that mail from business integration manager in FBTC asking me if I want to join FBTC as a teachnical consultant. I replayed with my agreement. After some interviews, I got the offer: Associate Technical Consultant, Business Integration.

The job responsibility is to assist a team of FBTC consultants by provide technical expertise in Microsoft development technologies and follow development best practices and document required technical artifacts related to projects. There is no limit in the technologies and experiences when we talk about business integration. Oracle, SAP , Web Sphere, Microsoft Servers, a lot of DBMS’s … more and more technologies used there in FBTC.

Now I have to take the decision, leaving the family of ITWorx and the guys in CodeLab or miss this great opportunity. Really, it was so hard decision because I love this environment: ITWorx and my best friends here in Egypt. I have to take the decision in a week.

Soon I made my decision I am leaving Egypt.

FBTC is an exceptional offer. First, in the salary (its really very important for me now). And it gives me a good push in the career path and experience. So, I have to leave for at least 3 years.

So… I am sorry ITWorx… I am leaving!!!

Joining ITWorx

May 6, 2008

I got a phone from ITWorx HR, to make exams and interviews there next day. I was very happy and exited. First thing I did, was back to prepare for the exams at home. I remember that I slept less than four hours that day.

In the morning I went to ITWorx, I arrived about 9:00am. I found arround 16 person waiting for the exams. They told us that all of the exams and interviews will be today because they want to hire people urgently. There were 4 exams: Java, ASP.NET, Database and Object-Oriented Concepts. After finishing the exams the took the papers and correct them. They called my name, I went to HR person she told me you passed the exams and asked me to choose from working with Java or .Net. I choose (.Net) then they guided me to the waiting area. We were around 8.

Then they called my name for the first interview: Ahmed was waiting for me. He is a Team Leader. He has excellent technical knowledge. He asked me about every thing I think. One of the questions was How many lines of code you need to write a DB form? I wondered!!! Then I asked step by step question to get more information about the question. After I joined I asked him what is that question measured? He told me I want to know if you can ask questions to get the information you need or not!!! I am lucky to have that interview. I am the only one survived from the 3 persons Ahmed made interviews with.

After this interview I was waiting for the result in the waiting area when Osama called my name to make interview with him. Osama is also a Team Leader. He asked a technical questions about my past experiences. We also had a general IT chat.

Again I was in the waiting area when a HR person came and took me to SHREIF AAMER. Yes, Shreif Aamer. I made an interview with Shreif Aamer the vice president of ITWorx. It was a very friendly interview. But finally I have the honor of that Shreif Aamer approved my application form with “Accepted”.

It was 5:30pm. But I am ITWorxian now after 3years of dreaming to join this respectable company!!! I signed the contract to start the next Sunday 20-6-2006.

QuickTel Experience 2005

May 3, 2008

QuickTel what an Experience!!!

The people are very collaborative. The system is well controlled and flexible. I am very happy for this experience.

I got internship there while I was working for SUS. For two months, I learned the importance of software process, process automation and model driven development. I met a very experience guy “The Omar” he gave me a lot in session and in side talks. Thank you Omar.

In QuickTel I was responsible of building a diagramming tool that converts a project logic stored in a DB repository into diagrams. By the end of two months I finished a tool generates the needed diagrams using rational rose file structure.

In QuickTel, I have the first chance to see a demonstration of TeleLogic Tools and I am very grateful for that. In addition I saw new types of hardware for the first time and I saw how the hardware is designed and implemented. In addition to seeing a switch implementation which I consider it very useful experience.

I have to thank the collaborative QuickTel team (I still have a strong relations with them)


Experience in SUS (from 2004)

May 3, 2008

I consider SUS as my first real life experience. Its the first but it was very important in my life.

I attended SUS in 2004. When I was in my second summer vacation in “Faculty of Computer and Information Science”, I was searching for a vacancy to apply my skills and knowledge and gain a real life experience. After a long search I found SUS. I meet Mr. Mohamad Samir the man in charge in SUS. After a nice interview (my first work interview), he said you will work with us in the summer and if you did fine you can continue working with us after the school begin. I remember how much I was happy when I heard this.

Next day, I started working with SUS. They was working in ERP systems for Okaz and El-Reda (big companies in KSA) mainly and other customers also. Mr.Samir was a very experience man. He has a great experience in the business domain. In the first day he gave me a system overview and a general information about the business needs of the main customers. The first impression was “WOW its huge”. From that day I have gained a GREAT experience in the business domain and in the business analysis.

Technical wise, Mr.Samir was a professional analyst and designer. Especially in DB design. I learned a lot from him. The technical experience in this system adds to me a lot. It was the first time I heard about “Localization” the good point was that the system has multilingual UI and content. We was using C# 2003, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports. One of the good points in this experience is the team I was working with has a very professional developers I learned a lot from them.

By 2006, the work have been finished in SUS after I got a very worth experience. Thank you Mr.Samir.