About Amrox

Amr Hafiz.

An Egyptian Software Engineer

Graduated from Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ain-Shams University, Cairo.

Have work in many companies as software engineer: ITWorx – QuickTel – Softoria – SUS ( Okaz and ElReda) – CompuBase.

AMROX is my place to say technical Things. Things may be useful for any body searching for technical knowledge or experience or want to solve a technical problem.

I will be very happy if you found anything useful for you here.

And I will be more happy if you leave your comment.


5 Responses to About Amrox

  1. mostafa says:

    hiii amr, thanks for this interesting blog, i have a question for u i hope u can answer me, i might be having a interview @ itworx in a week and would like to know whch parts should i focus on while preparing for the interview?question??
    i would really apperciate ur help


  2. amrox says:

    First, let me congratulate you ITWorx is a great company. I hope you will join them soon ISA.
    About the interviews, I don’t know if you will do it all in the same day or not. Also I am supposing that you are applying on Software Engineer position.
    Any way, First, you have to pass exams: basic OOP concepts, .net (mainly ASP) or JAVA, Database. This is the easiest part but the fundamental.
    Then, you will have two technical interviews. These interviews depends on the team you supposed to join. I recommend you have a good knowledge in SharePoint if you are .Net developer. But you be asked on everything in your resume. Take care a lot of questions will be asked to measure your softskills and Language. I remember that the guy interviewed me asked me: “How many lines of code you need to make a form connected to database?” he was examining if I will ask questions to get the information I need to answer the question or not. These interviews is important too.
    Then, you will have HR interview. They will ask questions about your expectations and how do you see your career path.
    You don’t go to the next step if you don’t passed the previous one. so if they told you go for the next step make sure that you passed the previews.
    I hope I gave you useful information.
    I wish you good luck Mostafa.

  3. mostafa says:

    thankxx amr i really appercaite your help.

  4. Medoo says:

    Thank you for the website and the efforts you have put here.You are such a nice and smart guy. i do not know if you know me. but i check on you everyday ;).
    i wish you all the best my friend and God Bless you.
    تحيا مصر

  5. amrox says:

    Thanks Medo for your great feeling
    I am very lucky to have such kind visitor like you.
    Keep in touch.

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