My SharePoint Variations Notes

  • Features:
    • Building multilingual sites by building a site (called Label) for every language and transferring the changes from source language site to all other sites.
    • Redirecting the user to the site matching the browser language.
    • Placing a control to change the language in the top navigation bar.
    • A service is running every 20 min to propagate changes from the source language site to all other sites.
  • Limitations:
    • Transferring changes from the source language to others. So changes in any language other than the source are not reflected in other sites.
    • Pushing a new version from a page to all sites even if there is a minor change like spelling mistake.
    • One to one relationship with site collection (one variation per site collection).
    • Lists changes are transfer only when it’s contained in a new site created.
    • When creating sites using features the target sites created without localization.
    • The localization is working only when creating new sub site and the label sites.
    • List view web part references the source site list in every site it is propagated to(because it use the list ID).
    • Variation fails when trying to push a page when there is a page with the same name but with different content type in the destination site.
    • Permissions are not propagated.
    • Works only on publishing pages.
    • Can’t change default page layout.
    • Don’t support site restore.
    • Variation sites must be in the same level and their parent site must be the root of the variation.
  • Risks (from blogs):
    • Sometimes variations cause performance issues.
    • May cause an expected behavior with heavy look and feel customizations.
  • Variations in other Blogs:

One Response to My SharePoint Variations Notes

  1. Edgard says:


    Pleasde have a look at our multilingual solution


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