From ITWorx to Elfaysaliah

I think its the time to change…

Elfaysaliah is a very huge capital in KSA owning and sharing in a large number of well-known brands in KSA and Middle-East. Their employees passed the 5,000 in 1995. It’s owning 13 company. I applied to join there but I thought I have no chance to be there with these experienced team from many domains. After about a month, I found that mail from business integration manager in FBTC asking me if I want to join FBTC as a teachnical consultant. I replayed with my agreement. After some interviews, I got the offer: Associate Technical Consultant, Business Integration.

The job responsibility is to assist a team of FBTC consultants by provide technical expertise in Microsoft development technologies and follow development best practices and document required technical artifacts related to projects. There is no limit in the technologies and experiences when we talk about business integration. Oracle, SAP , Web Sphere, Microsoft Servers, a lot of DBMS’s … more and more technologies used there in FBTC.

Now I have to take the decision, leaving the family of ITWorx and the guys in CodeLab or miss this great opportunity. Really, it was so hard decision because I love this environment: ITWorx and my best friends here in Egypt. I have to take the decision in a week.

Soon I made my decision I am leaving Egypt.

FBTC is an exceptional offer. First, in the salary (its really very important for me now). And it gives me a good push in the career path and experience. So, I have to leave for at least 3 years.

So… I am sorry ITWorx… I am leaving!!!


4 Responses to From ITWorx to Elfaysaliah

  1. Mohamed Ramadan says:

    Good luck man there.
    We will miss you much here.

  2. amrox says:

    I miss you so much man.

  3. Sayed AboMosalam says:

    Good luck Amr i hope it will be added value to ur career

  4. amrox says:

    Thank you Sayed.
    Hope you good luck at Orange too.

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