Joining ITWorx

I got a phone from ITWorx HR, to make exams and interviews there next day. I was very happy and exited. First thing I did, was back to prepare for the exams at home. I remember that I slept less than four hours that day.

In the morning I went to ITWorx, I arrived about 9:00am. I found arround 16 person waiting for the exams. They told us that all of the exams and interviews will be today because they want to hire people urgently. There were 4 exams: Java, ASP.NET, Database and Object-Oriented Concepts. After finishing the exams the took the papers and correct them. They called my name, I went to HR person she told me you passed the exams and asked me to choose from working with Java or .Net. I choose (.Net) then they guided me to the waiting area. We were around 8.

Then they called my name for the first interview: Ahmed was waiting for me. He is a Team Leader. He has excellent technical knowledge. He asked me about every thing I think. One of the questions was How many lines of code you need to write a DB form? I wondered!!! Then I asked step by step question to get more information about the question. After I joined I asked him what is that question measured? He told me I want to know if you can ask questions to get the information you need or not!!! I am lucky to have that interview. I am the only one survived from the 3 persons Ahmed made interviews with.

After this interview I was waiting for the result in the waiting area when Osama called my name to make interview with him. Osama is also a Team Leader. He asked a technical questions about my past experiences. We also had a general IT chat.

Again I was in the waiting area when a HR person came and took me to SHREIF AAMER. Yes, Shreif Aamer. I made an interview with Shreif Aamer the vice president of ITWorx. It was a very friendly interview. But finally I have the honor of that Shreif Aamer approved my application form with “Accepted”.

It was 5:30pm. But I am ITWorxian now after 3years of dreaming to join this respectable company!!! I signed the contract to start the next Sunday 20-6-2006.


6 Responses to Joining ITWorx

  1. Saratronomy says:

    Hi Amrox I have an interview next week on monday isA .i am very scared they called me for the .NET software engineer position .Can you please tell me the details of the interview and what things I should study well ?

  2. amrox says:

    In general, you have to study ASP.NET I am sure the most of the written exam was about. You may need to know function name and things like that. It was really bad I guess but we requested them to change it after we joined and they got our point that time.
    The key for the written exams is:
    – The basic concepts of OOP.
    – Web applications concepts like: caching, query strings, sessions but in technology.
    The written exam is very easy I think that’s why I passed Java exam and I didn’t write java code in my entire life!!!
    So, the problem is in interviews. It’s depending on the team you are going to join.
    If you could tell me what is the team you expected to join I can help more.
    But having a SharePoint background will help you so much and you have enough time I think.
    I wish you good luck don’t miss it Sara it’s a very good company.
    Also, I heard that interviews now are much easier and they are massively recruiting people. I am expecting someone who has done interview recently to add his/her comment as I left Worx earlier this year.

  3. ahmed says:

    hi amrox,
    i have an interview in ITWORX and i’m really afraid of it.
    it is a dream to me to have the chance to join such a company please if you have any information about what java interviews (exams) include. I saw your post and it was really useful but i need to know more about java interviews can you help me with that.
    I will be so grateful
    many thanks

  4. amrox says:

    I have nothing more to say.
    It was mostly about web development (applets)
    It was very easy exam.

    But as you are a java developer you have a better chance to join.

    if you have the basic programming skills, I can congratulate you now.

  5. saratronomy says:

    Amrox I ‘ve been there a few days ago for my interview and I was actually applying .NET an HR mess happened and they let me do the interview with dr tarek who’s leading a team to do research on cloud computing .I think I answered well in the interview but he didn’t accept me in his team but in his comments he wrote that “I am a good candidate and should be considered in other vacancies” I was really so down because I wanted to join ITworx as soon as possible .They will let me go through the recruiting process again but on the .NET software developer position .I believe it was their problem because the HR team do not have any kind of communication among them and consequently they let me do the interview for the wrong position :S I am so disappointed 😦

  6. amrox says:

    Dr. Tariq Nabhan is one of the SME’s at Worx. He is expert in SECURITY and some time he is consulting in many other areas like tool for stress testing. One time I had a discussion with him: He is thinking and talking very fast.
    But why you are disappointed you got a very good feedback from Dr. Tariq its not an easy thing. Believe me if any body in Worx got this note he/she will consider it very much.

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