QuickTel Experience 2005

QuickTel what an Experience!!!

The people are very collaborative. The system is well controlled and flexible. I am very happy for this experience.

I got internship there while I was working for SUS. For two months, I learned the importance of software process, process automation and model driven development. I met a very experience guy “The Omar” he gave me a lot in session and in side talks. Thank you Omar.

In QuickTel I was responsible of building a diagramming tool that converts a project logic stored in a DB repository into diagrams. By the end of two months I finished a tool generates the needed diagrams using rational rose file structure.

In QuickTel, I have the first chance to see a demonstration of TeleLogic Tools and I am very grateful for that. In addition I saw new types of hardware for the first time and I saw how the hardware is designed and implemented. In addition to seeing a switch implementation which I consider it very useful experience.

I have to thank the collaborative QuickTel team (I still have a strong relations with them)



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