Experience in SUS (from 2004)

I consider SUS as my first real life experience. Its the first but it was very important in my life.

I attended SUS in 2004. When I was in my second summer vacation in “Faculty of Computer and Information Science”, I was searching for a vacancy to apply my skills and knowledge and gain a real life experience. After a long search I found SUS. I meet Mr. Mohamad Samir the man in charge in SUS. After a nice interview (my first work interview), he said you will work with us in the summer and if you did fine you can continue working with us after the school begin. I remember how much I was happy when I heard this.

Next day, I started working with SUS. They was working in ERP systems for Okaz and El-Reda (big companies in KSA) mainly and other customers also. Mr.Samir was a very experience man. He has a great experience in the business domain. In the first day he gave me a system overview and a general information about the business needs of the main customers. The first impression was “WOW its huge”. From that day I have gained a GREAT experience in the business domain and in the business analysis.

Technical wise, Mr.Samir was a professional analyst and designer. Especially in DB design. I learned a lot from him. The technical experience in this system adds to me a lot. It was the first time I heard about “Localization” the good point was that the system has multilingual UI and content. We was using C# 2003, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports. One of the good points in this experience is the team I was working with has a very professional developers I learned a lot from them.

By 2006, the work have been finished in SUS after I got a very worth experience. Thank you Mr.Samir.


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